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The first star we found together

​STELLA feat. star sand

An incomparably sparkling diamond, a starry cherry

Only one shines in the twilight sky


​Like the first star.

Since ancient times, people have looked up at the stars.
You can feel the season from the stars, know when the crops will ripen,
Stars and life have built a close relationship, such as watching the position and sailing.
Based on that relationship, people change times and places,
Stars were connected to form constellations, and various myths and stories were passed down.

And now.
People continue to be fascinated by the stars.
In a romantic myth drawn by the stars
Are you falling in love with yourself?
Or is it because the blink of a star caused by the fluctuation of 1/f soothes the soul?

There is no single answer.
People are scattered in the vast universe,
Think about important times, important people, and important things.
Stella Hoshizakura ~ STELLA, this jewel means star in Latin
It is a diamond that creates a variety of brilliance for the wearer.

STELLA 3つの奇跡


A star diamond born from three miracles

the first miracle.

A long time ago, as a gift from the earth

​that a diamond in the rough was found.

Second miracle.

The rough stone has been polished to become a jewel with unparalleled brilliance.

A third miracle.

A diamond born in pursuit of brilliance

​The miracle of stars and cherry blossoms...


Produced by outstanding craftsmanship
A beautifully sparkling first-magnitude star is enclosed.

The first-magnitude stars that can be found in STELLA were produced by our unique cutting.
At the end of the 17th century, the first 58-facet cut leading to the modern brilliant cut was developed, and even today,
It is said that the wavelength and refractive index of light are calculated to bring out the brilliance of diamonds the most.
Stella Cut STELLA CUTTM is pursued to make the beauty of the 58-sided cut stand out more.
With 100 cuts finally realized, its brilliance is second to none.

In addition, the pentagram, which is the first star of STELLA, is composed of the golden ratio ~ the ratio that people feel is the most beautiful.
When you look at STELLA, the heart that feels beautiful wells up.
To you, the first-magnitude star that always shines beautifully.


In the pentagram and heart in STELLA
I wished you happiness.
As a talisman, every day, together.

When you look into STELLA with a scope, you can see a five-pointed star in the center surrounded by five hearts.
The five-pointed star, which is the first star of STELLA, has various golden ratios hidden inside, and the beauty of its shape and its mystery,
One of the oldest marks in the world, loved by people all over the world.
It has been used as a symbol of the goddess of love and beauty, and as an amulet to ward off evil spirits.
The heart symbolizes the five elements <partner, beauty, health, family, and work> that build your happiness.
A gleaming five-pointed star in the center illuminates these wishes for happiness.

Along with the determination to make you happy from your partner, please bring it as a talisman in your heart.


On the pavilion side of STELLA
Sakura, the national flower of Japan.
The language of flowers is "spiritual beauty", "grace" and "purity".

If you look through the scope from the pavilion side, you can see the cherry blossoms, the national flower of Japan.
Experience and achievements cultivated as Japan's first sight holder,
And STELLA produced by outstanding craftsmanship,
It is suitable for a diamond proposed by a made-in-Japan brand, and contains cherry blossoms.

The flower language of cherry blossoms is "spiritual beauty", "elegant woman" and "purity", which is perfect for the image of a bride.
The cherry blossoms in the center of the five petals, illuminated by a first-magnitude star, enhance the dignity of the wearer.
Wearing the beauty symbolized by STELLA, a promise to the day when the two of you take a new step forward.



The future of two people watched by STELLA

We put our passion for diamonds into first-class stars,
I wish happiness to the two of you who walk together for the rest of your life.
STELLA, a sparkling diamond suitable for the beginning.

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