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[Blue Diamond of Happiness] is included in the Inner Stone Campaign
Join us!

During the period from 2022.10.1(Sat) to 12.31(Sat)

By purchasing an engagement ring,

It means "eternal happiness"

[Blue Diamond]

Please let me know.


2022 Inner Stone Campaign

During the period from 2022.7.1 (Fri) to 12.31 (Sat)
By purchasing a marriage ring (pair)
For customers who wish to engrave "2022"
Birthday stone in the "0" part

I will let you in.


Constellation seal gift!

We will present a HOSHI no SUNA constellation seal to customers who purchase a pair of Engage and Marriage (three sets) during the period from 2022.7.1 (Fri) to 12.31 (Sat). Many people change their surnames when they get married, and some people create new seals. Hoshi-no-suna has prepared a wonderful seal that can be used as a memorial for such a couple♪ The "Hoshi-no-suna seal" has a design that allows you to choose from 12 constellations♪ The main body and satin are designed in the image of a starry sky. A memorial seal for two people with a beautiful white case ☆

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